UX designer Jesper Bylund

UX designer Jesper Bylund

Published 18. feb 2018 12:05

Who are you and what do you do for a living?

I’m Jay, I’m a Swedish UX designer who does consulting and creates products and services.

What's your morning routine like?

I get up around 7, every day of the week. Make a small French press of strong coffee that I sip while I write my journal. I write one page in a FieldNotes notebook about what I did and what I learned the day before. This constant accountability has been a great way for me to learn. After that I meditate, I use headspace, grab a shower and get to work.

What's a typical day at work like for you?

I usually start off with organizing what I need to get done today, and then start with whatever the biggest current project is. I usually work on that until lunch. After which I do smaller and less defined tasks as well as meetings.

What do you do when you're not working?

I lift weights, read, cook and enjoy some wine and vinyl records.

What does your office and desk look like?

UX designer - Jesper Bylund

I don’t have an office. No routine place to work at all. I tend to move around a lot, so for short periods I’m at some office, or bouncing around cafes or just sitting at home. My desk is whatever I have to lean on, with my laptop or iPad Pro on it.

What challenges do you often run into when you're working?

We all have way to much to do. And remaining focused and motivated while switching tasks is a huge problem. Especially when we have to put some interesting project aside to do something really boring. I haven’t solved this one yet. So any tips are much appreciated!

Do you have any good productivity tips?

I’ve learned two important productivity tips in the last few years.
1. Do the hard thing first. You have way more will power starting out. So never start with small easy tasks, always do the thing you’re procrastinating or dreading to do.
2. Be bored. Yes I’m serious. Set time aside to not do anything. Nothing. Just sit there and be bored. It’s going to stress you out, it’s going to be uncomfortable, but nothing gives you energy like truly doing nothing.

What tools do you use at work to be productive?

I use Things for my todos, it’s a fantastic app and very much worth the price. I used to use a pomodoro timer called BreakTime. Sadly it isn’t updated anymore and all the pomodoro timer I’ve tried suck.

How do you get inspiration to get up in the morning and kick ass?

You can make things. Things that people use. And they will pay you for it. Knowing this is really all I need. I’m excited about most of the stuff I work on. :)

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Michael K

19. feb 2018 21:55

Found this site on PH, awesome content! Keep posting these interviews, maybe try some different questions too?


20. feb 2018 06:58

Love your productivity tip #2 :-)

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