Jakob Class from GitHub

Jakob Class from GitHub

Published 04. feb 2018 17:54

Who are you and what do you do for a living?

I’m Jakob, a software engineer from Germany. I live in a camper van and work remotely for GitHub.

What's your morning routine like?

I wake up when the sun rises and prepare a huge muesli that I usually enjoy outside in the sun. I take my time for eating breakfast and when I feel ready, I go back into my van and start to work with my laptop.

What's a typical day at work like for you?

My team and I work asynchronously. I only have a few fixed video meetings per week. So, my schedule is very flexible. Every day is different. Depending on the place, the temperature or the people around me, I adjust my work schedule. Usually I work a couple of hours in the morning, take long lunch breaks and get back to work in the afternoon or evening.

What do you do when you're not working?

I spend time with other travelers or locals around me, go hiking, mountain biking, surfing, fix my van, write blog posts, cook or just relax doing nothing.

What does your office and desk look like?

What challenges do you often run into when you're working?

I mostly meet people who are on vacation. It requires a lot of discipline to focus on a full-time job while staying with vacationeers at typical holiday spots like beaches. But usually people understand my situation and leave alone when I’m working in my van.

Do you have any good productivity tips?

Define clear goals, break them down into manageable tasks and regularly reflect on your work: are you still working towards your goals? Do your goals still make sense?

Accept that your brain needs breaks. Take a nap when you’re tired. Close your laptop when you want to enjoy the sunset. Go surfing when you feel like doing some sports.

What tools do you use at work to be productive?

Hardware: 4G LTE router with external antennas, 450 Wp solar system with a 200Ah Lithium battery, a laptop stand, external keyboard & trackpad.
Software: Atom, GitHub, Slack, Zoom and Mailplane.

How do you get inspiration to get up in the morning and kick ass?

I work with awesome people on a great product. I really like my job which is probably one of the best ways to get motivated.

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04. feb 2018 19:05

Wow, that looks really comfortable :D

Guilherme Borges

19. feb 2018 18:56

Esse zerou o jogo!

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