Chris Sherrod from BlissLifePress

Chris Sherrod from BlissLifePress

Published 30. may 2018 06:20

Who are you and what do you do for a living?

I'm an entrepreneur and I am the founder a transformational self-help publishing company I've written the books "How To Create New Business Ideas Based On What You Love" and "Podcasting Blueprint". I am a producer for two podcasts and a host to one of them.

What’s Your Morning Routine Like?

I weigh myself every day. This way my weight doesn't creep up. Plus I record everything I eat in My Fitness Pal app.

Take a cold shower. I live in the Caribbean so it's not that cold but the coldest I can get.

I watch my morning routine movie I created in Final Cut Pro. It's almost five minutes long of pictures and videos of how I want to live my life. My business success, fun times, my monthly goal stated in "Think and Grow Rich" style and my charitable contributions to the world. I wrote the inspiring song that goes with it. It's made to make me feel like a hero to my own life.v

Then I exercise for 30 to 60 minutes. Mostly Tai Chi as I can't physically run or do extreme sports due to a permanent sports injury.

Next, I meditate for 20 minutes. This really helps me to transition from my morning routine to work.

What's a typical day at work like for you?

Then I write for an hour.
Then my team comes to work and I have our short "standup meeting”.
Next, I work on what the business needs.

What do you do when you're not working?

When I'm not working I post my experiences on

What does your office and desk look like?

Chris Sherrod from BlissLifePress

My office is a simple table my balcony or my coach overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

What challenges do you often run into when you're working?

My main challenge is interruptions. Digital interruptions are easy to take care of by having notifications turned off until 10 am. Plus I don't have any appointment before 12 pm. Since I work in my condo the main issue is maintenance people and my maid. So I work on the balcony when they are here. Then it's my lovely wife who can ask me questions whenever she wants. She also works from home. I use a focus app on my iPhone and when she comes over to my work area she looks at when I'm taking a break and then asks me her question then.

Do you have any good productivity tips?

My main productivity tips are to focus on revenue making activities and getting help. Your first hire should be an assistant then an accountant (first if you are about to file taxes).

What tools do you use at work to be productive?

I love tools and use a lot. Many come and go as new ones I find are better. Here is the current list of my favorite tools:
Habitica - RPG gaming for being productive
My Fitness Pal - to track what I eat, helps me to make sure I don't overeat which I have a tendency to do
Just Focus - to do Pomodoro timer style focus sessions, very helpful to get things done
Trello - to track me and my teams work priorities
Slack - so my team can chat with each other and coordinate on projects
Duolingo - to learn Spanish I live in Mexico and working daily on getting better at Spanish
Hubspot CRM - to track my phone sales
ClickFunnels - for my sales and opt-in funnels
Oak - as my meditation timer, so simple I love it

How do you get inspiration to get up in the morning and kick ass?

I naturally wake up happy and motivated. My morning routine movie helps. I will do anything to keep my happiness level up and stay motivated. If my business has an unpleasant experience I will do things like play a superhero soundtrack, stand on my balcony, look out over the Caribbean Sea and psych myself up to be a superhero. I'll go walk on the beach out in front of my place. I have my AppleTV screen saver set to my favorite photos which some me or my family having fun or gorgeous photos I took, it reminds me of how good my life is. Anything at all to feel good.

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30. may 2018 10:59

Thanks for the interview, Chris :-) Nice to read about other people taking cold shower!


01. jun 2018 13:33

Cold showers are really nice! Wakes me up every morning

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