Try Scolors! A free endless platformer for iOS and Android

Try Scolors! A free endless platformer for iOS and Android

Published 13. mar 2019 19:14 by Stein Ove Helset

AntiSocialGames has just released its fifth mobile game. It's called Scolors and in this blogpost, I'll tell you all about it.

About the game

The game is called Scolors, and it's an endless platformer. You steer the main character by tapping the screen which will make him jump. Your objective is to time the jumping so you don't hit a block with different colors than your character. Every time you jump through a block with the correct color, your score increases. There are also stars you can pick up which will increase your score multiplier.


The game engine

Earlier we've built everything using a game engine called Corona SDK. When we started building Scolors, we wanted to try something new. So we decided to try Cocos2D-X. Cocos2D-X is based on C++ which I have no prior experience with. I must say that the game engine is really great to work with, and the result looks very good.

If you want to try a new game engine, I will strongly recommend that you try Cocos2D-X. Corona SDK is also very great to work with and really beginner friendly, but since Cocos2D-X is based on C++ it's easier to squeeze out more performance.

Download if for free

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