Soon releasing my next mobile game

Soon releasing my next mobile game

Published 04. mar 2019 06:09 by Stein Ove Helset

It's been a while since last launch, but now our next game is in testing phase and will soon be published!

It’s been a while since last time we released a game. Now it’s in the testing phase and we’re soon ready to send it to App Store and Google Play for review and we’re really looking forward to this!

I don’t want to tell you too much about it yet, but I can say that it’s going to be an endless platformer.


Earlier we’ve been building our games using Corona SDK. For this game we wanted to try something new and the choice fell on Cocos2D-X. I have no experience with this engine or C++, but I think the result is good.

Other games

Meanwhile there’s several other games you can try :-)

Have you tested SquareSpinner, Zmath, Beelly or Blackout?





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