Should I buy the new iPhone 11?

Should I buy the new iPhone 11?

Published 25. sep 2019 06:09 by Stein Ove Helset

I have not bought a new iPhone since 2015, so maybe it's about time?

iPhone 6s

It was October 2015 and the new iPhone was finally arrived at the stores here in Norway. I was really eager to buy it and paid around 8.000 NOK I think. I use my phone a lot, so I didn't think it was too much money to spend on something I really wanted.

The problem now was that I had a really slippery device in my hands I was terrified of dropping to the floor. I was really careful for a long time and the condition was perfect for months. I don't remember the first time I dropped it and the first scratches came, but I remember that I was really pissed off at my self. A scratch on my beautiful iPhone!

Fast forward some months.. I had dropped my a few more times and there was now multiple scratches. The phone wasn't as beautiful as it ones was, but at least it's still working.

Broken screen

About a year ago I dropped my phone "face down" on some concrete. The screen cracked and there's now a big crack across the screen. It looks like shit, but it's still working fine. The positive now is that I don't care about it anymore. It does exactly what a smart phone is made for texting, surfing, facebook, gaming and so on. All of this works just as on day one.

So should I buy the new iPhone 11?

The new iPhone 11 certainly has a lot of cool new features. Especially since it's now 4 years since the last time I bought a new phone.

But I don't want to go back to caring so much for my phone. Can't Apple just make a phone which doesn't crack or get scratches?
I don't want to use one of those ugly bumpers or anything like that, those just make the phone feel 200 years old.

I guess I just wait until my iPhone 6s says good bye for the last time...

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Iphone cracked screen

08. oct 2019 07:58

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