I'm doing 36500 push-ups in one year

I'm doing 36500 push-ups in one year

Published 25. jan 2019 06:56 by Stein Ove Helset

Since I'm a web developer I'm sitting still many hours during a day. As a new years resolution, I'm going to take 100 push-ups every day.

Sitting still too many hours during a day doesn't do any good for my health. I'm trying to do regular exercises, but I can always do more to improve my health. So one of this year's resolutions is to take at least 100 push-ups every day. So a total of 36500 push-ups in one year.

I always like to challenge my self, so I'm going to increase the number of push-ups with one every day too. So when December 31st is coming up, I should be taking 465 push-ups in one day. If I do this, the total number of push-ups will be far more than 36500.

Today it's January 25 and I have taken a total of 3141 push-ups so far this year. I'm ahead of schedule and that feels great. The goal was to increase with push-up every day, but so far I have pushed it even further. It's always good to be ahead like this.

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