Blackout - Memory game for iOS and Android

Blackout - Memory game for iOS and Android

Published 27. jan 2019 12:34 by Stein Ove Helset

AntiSocial Games has just released a game called Blackout - Memory game. Here's some technical information about the game.

In October 2018, I started a challenge to build 12 mobile games in just 12 months. It's not much time for each of the games, but so far so good. Blackout is the fourth game of this challenge and it's the game I've spent most time on.

About Blackout - Memory game

It's simple and hard. It trains your brain. You're going to love it!
Blackout is a memory puzzle game where you need to remember a pattern before the shadow comes. If you're looking for a relaxing game which also helps you improve your memory, look no further. Blackout will be the perfect game for you!

Game features:
-Over 100 levels. And more are coming!
-Trains your brain
-Free to play


The technology

I have written a blog post or two about Corona SDK earlier here on A Hacker's Day. Corona SDK is my favorite game engine because it's so easy to work with, it's not bloated and the community is great.

Download it for free

App Store:
Google Play:

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